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Heermans Disability Law Firm is here to advocate for you and help you get the benefits you deserve. Our experience and friendly customer service can help you get through this frustrating process, and can make it less mysterious.


Heermans Disability Law

  1. How can a social security disability lawyer help you?


When you’re looking for a lawyer to help represent you as you file or appeal your SSDI or SSI claim, it can be hard to know what to look for, and you may wonder why a disability attorney can be a better choice than a general practice lawyer.


In short? Experience!

An attorney who specializes in representing claimants who are appealing disability claims will be more familiar with how the system works and what kinds of questions you’ll be asked. And an attorney’s legal experience means that they’ll be able to craft strong arguments based in law. All of this increases the chances that your claim will be approved.  



  1. Why choose Heermans Disability Law Firm?


At Heermans Disability Law, we’re dedicated to serving the Mid-South community with friendly, local customer service and a personal touch. While large national law firms might shuttle you around between local branches and supply you with a representative you meet on the day of your hearing, our firm ensures that you’ll be well-prepared before your case is heard and that your questions will be answered promptly.


In fact, Mr. Heermans often answers emails, calls, even text messages from clients himself—something rare at large firms. And our local base means that we’re familiar with the judges and locations that will be involved with your claim.


  1. I need to contact a disability law firm. How can I start the process?


Getting started with us is quick and easy. For a free evaluation, fill out our simple form with information about your case, and we’ll get back to you with personalized questions.


Don’t wait! We can help get your case moving and can make the process less mysterious and overwhelming. For 24/7 information and support, contact 901-244-0057.


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