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We focus on putting our extensive advocacy experience to work for disability claimants. Whether you’re applying for disability for the first time, or appealing an SSD or SSI denial. Having an experienced disability attorney by your side can make all the difference. Serving Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi (Gulfport & Biloxi) 

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SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance, is a program that provides benefits in the form of money and medical care to people who have a history of working, but can no longer work full time due to medical impairments that have arisen or become worse over time. These impairments can be mental or physical or both.



SSI, or Supplemental Security Insurance, is a benefit available to disabled persons without a work history. The process and decision making process is very similar to SSDI, but it is specifically for people who do not have a work history due to disability or for people who do have a work history, but earnings do not reach SGA levels.

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I looked at the huge nationwide firms, the kind you see advertised on TV, but I didn’t want to have to call into a call center or be passed off to someone who didn’t know about my case. I talked to Mr. Heermans and he gave me his direct email address. I had a ton of questions about the process, and it was nice to be able to communicate directly with the attorney handling my case.

Simon Robertson, Memphis TN

I applied myself at the beginning, but the process and things they wanted me to do and fill out were very confusing. Once Mr. Heermans signed onto my case, everything went smoothly. We ended up at a hearing in front of a judge, and he walked me through the hearing before we went in. I can’t imagine going through that process without someone to help me. Also, I won!

Andrew James, Columbus MS

I went through this process alone, until the social security office scheduled me for a hearing in front of a judge. That worried me, so I called Mr. Heermans with only a month left until the hearing. He signed on, ordered medical records, sent them to the office, and prepared me for the hearing – quickly. After talking about it, the hearing was easy. I’m very glad I called, even at the last minute.

Nate Ramirez, Jonesboro AR

How To Find The Best Social Security Disability Lawyer In Memphis


Filing a disability claim—or appealing a denial—can be a stressful and time-consuming process. If you’re thinking about hiring an attorney to represent you, you’re making a decision that can potentially have an incredibly beneficial impact on your case. In fact, those who hire a representative have been found to be three times as likely to have their claim approved.

But finding a disability attorney can be a stressful undertaking—and the last thing you need is another difficult choice to be added to your plate. How can you make sure that you’re finding the best disability lawyer to handle your case? To help you make the right decision, there are a few things you can ask yourself as you look for a law firm to help you through the process.

  • Is the representative really an attorney?

When choosing someone to represent you as you file and/or appeal your claim, you have the choice between an attorney and a non-attorney representative. And while both could improve your chances of having your claim approved, there are many good reasons to choose an attorney whose specialized training may help better defend your claim.

Many non-attorney representatives may have titles that sound official, so don’t be misled—when hiring someone to represent you, check their qualifications and look for legal training and courtroom experience. If you want to know more about Mr. Heermans, you can read about his legal background here.  

  • Does the lawyer focus only on disability law?

A lawyer at a general practice firm can practice any type of law and might work a wide variety of different kinds of cases. This means that if you hire an attorney from a general firm, they may not have much experience handling cases like yours. Look for a disability lawyer at a disability-focused law firm.

This type of representative not only has advanced legal training, but a good attorney will have experience working with the SSI, SSD, and SSDI processes and will know the laws that are relevant to your situation. The application and appeal processes are complex, and you want a lawyer who knows what to do to give your case its best shot and can help prepare you.

A good lawyer for social security disability appeal and hearing processes will know which medical and supporting forms can help you and will ensure that they are provided to the judge in a timely manner along with a legal brief to explain your claim.

At Heermans Disability Law Firm, we also specialize in representing those who are appealing denials of their SSD or SSI claims and in preparing our clients for hearings, should the application reach that stage. Our specialized focus means we know the legal process and laws pertaining to them as well. Our online question and evaluation form allows us to give you a timely evaluation of your claim.

  • How accessible is the attorney?

Hiring a lawyer from a national disability firm like one you might have seen on TV could  seem like a great idea at first.  But keep in mind that working with one of those large firms often means that you’ll have very limited access to the people working on your case. Your call might talk to a case manager at a call center, who passes you along to a local contact attorney, who might review your case and meet you on the day of your hearing. For a more detailed explanation, you can read about this process on our site.

Remember that your application and appeal process could go on for a year—you don’t want to spend all your time talking to a call center agent or leaving messages for an  inaccessible representative. A big national firm isn’t your only option if you want to get powerful results! A smaller and more specialized firm can be a good choice and a heavy hitter going to bat for you for a few good reasons.

Your attorney will become personally familiar with you as a person. He/She will be accessible to answer your questions throughout the process. Providing good customer service is important to a smaller firm because they depend on you being satisfied so that you will hopefully be the source of their next referral client.

Your satisfaction and personal testimony is that law firm’s most important marketing tool because they are not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive TV commercials to find their next client. Their time and money is invested in YOU! When first contacting a law firm office, check to see if the firm replies to emails and calls in a timely and helpful manner. At Heermans, we pride ourselves on our timely, personalized answers to your questions, and our easy-to-understand customer service.

  • Is the attorney local?

A local firm that specializes in a regional location can be beneficial for reasons beside accessibility. A local attorney will also be familiar with the hearing sites and local judges who will be hearing your case, and may be able to prepare you more effectively for your hearing. Our website breaks down why this is so important—knowing that a well-prepared case and a well-prepared client lead to better outcomes. Our firm serves Memphis and the Mid-South and is familiar with the jurisdictions where your case will be heard.

  • How does the attorney treat you?

Sometimes, a person can find themselves working with the attorney for a year or more in what can at times become a stressful legal process that seems confusing and sometimes frustrating. A personable, professional, and courteous attorney can help ease this process.

Notice how the firm replies to you, note their transparency about credentials, background, experience, approval rates, and references. A professional won’t make promises and guarantees about the outcome of your case and will give you a chance to ask questions.  We pride ourselves on our Southern hospitality, friendly customer service, experience, and professionalism.

Why choose Heermans Disability Law Firm?

If you’re looking for a specialized disability law firm near you, Heermans Disability is proud to serve clients in the Greater Mid-South. We have extensive expertise with the SSI, SSD, and SSDI application and appeal process and are familiar with the judges and offices near you. Because we specialize in preparing clients for hearings, we make it a point to be accessible to you throughout the process—Mr. Heermans typically answers emails himself.

If you’re located in the Greater Mid-South and are looking for a social security disability lawyer, we’re here to help. Call or text us at 901-244-0057 for information, or use our easy online evaluation form to start on a free evaluation of your case.

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