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Social Security Grid Rules and Previous Work

While the baseline analysis of a social security disability claim revolves around the questions of whether or not a claimant can perform previous work or any other work in the national economy, there are specific rules that apply to claimants over the age of 50....

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When an in-person hearing is scheduled

You’re unable to work and you’ve applied for social security disability and been denied. Maybe you appealed to the reconsideration step in the process, if your state does have the reconsideration step, and were denied at that level as well. Not to worry,...

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Am I Disabled?

Most of us work hard; whether that means sitting at a computer all day or lifting heavy things in the blazing sun. Every job carries its own particular challenges, and each career wears on the body in different ways. Sometimes, things happen that cause us...

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Types of Disability

Whether you’re in the Memphis area, anywhere in the mid-south, or any place across this country from sea to shining sea, the rules for obtaining social security disability benefits are the same. Since the process is a federal one, the criteria for...

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Why Hire an Attorney?

So, you can’t work. You’d like to, but something has happened that makes working full time impossible. Maybe you’ve recently stopped working, or you’ve been dealing with an impairment for some period of time. Maybe you’re being treated by a doctor, and...

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What Makes a Good Disability Case?

So, you can’t work any longer due to a medical impairment. Maybe you’ve recently suffered an injury that isn’t going away anytime soon, or maybe you’ve been dealing with health issues that have gotten so bad that you can no longer handle the strain it puts...

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